Creating Invoices

In Evadastudio, sending invoices to clients is quick and easy. You can create them manually or based on tracked time and expenses.

  1. Open Invoices.
  2. Click Create new invoice
  3. Select a client company or enter a new one.
  4. The address will be added from client details (see CRM section) and choose a currency in which you wish to issue the invoice.
  5. Enter the invoice ID, which will be generated automatically for all subsequent invoices.
  6. Set the issue date and the due date.
  7. Choose how you wish to add invoice items:
  8. Free-form invoice - add items, costs, and quantity manually.
  9. Add items manually or from a template.
  10. Add a discount (optional).
  11. Add a note for the client or a private comment (optional).
  12. Click Create Invoice.
  13. After creating an invoice, you’ll be able to preview and edit the draft.

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